On the Costa del Sol there is a wide variety of wonderful and noteworthy corners, and when there is much talk about a specific place it is said or said that it is fashionable or that it is a trend and some say it is “trendy”.

If it is a new place or its fame is very recent and surprises everyone, there is a current to visit it, get to know it … and enjoy it. However, it is the case of places or places that are known by everyone, they begin to be on everyone’s lips and we are surprised that they are fashionable something that has always been before us and to which we have not paid attention.

This is the case of the wonderful city of Estepona, known by many and at the same time so unknown by many others, … Estepona is now fashionable and has been around for a some time.

In recent years, this city is a trend and even an example to follow by other municipalities of the Costa del Sol and much to take credit for it has a specific person, its mayor José María García Urbano.

Although he has been mayor since 2011, it is now that his work is most evident and his effort begins to be recognized because he is collecting everything he has planned for years.

The mayor José María García Urbano has taken care of his town and to obtain more recognition, in order to be able to show not only the rest of the Costa del Sol but aº

José María García Urbano, Estepona mayor

His excellent work has been translated into public and private investments, both national and international capital that undoubtedly have detected the possibilities of making these investments profitable. Because the trust that has been generated, along with the constant growth of the city and its adjoining areas continues to attract investors, buyers of beachfront apartments or residential areas with townhouses and / or apartments next to golf courses, or more exclusive locations with modern villas on the New Golden Mile.

Estepona has a well planned general plan, suitable for all its inhabitants and which includes first and second residences, hotel plots, shopping centers, increasing of the green areas and the promenade, increasing the number of schools and the completion of the new hospital.

All this growth, besides being viable, is sustainable, taking into account the environment, traffic, access to golf courses and beaches, a promenade that will soon reach 25km by the sea.

New promotions in La Resina Golf, Estepona

We were recently in the inauguration of a sales office finished as a typical apartment, in one of the new developments of Estepona to which the mayor also came. We were pleasantly surprised by his real interest in the why, the how, the when … etc., coming to show true interest and concern for the promotion and success of it. Studying all the details (finishing of kitchens and bathrooms, memory of qualities, distribution of bedrooms, plans, and types of apartments, …) of Vanian Green Village, promotion with 281 apartments and penthouses with sea views, in a residential area with golf course.

In the same area, known as La Resina Golf, we find other new promotions such as:

New and modern apartments and penthouses with sea views in Estepona.

Pueblo Golf Villas
Luxury villas with 4 brand new bedrooms within a golf complex with stunning sea views.

Oasis 17
New contemporary villas for sale in Estepona and next to a golf course.

The Heights
11 exclusive private villas on the golf course.

Oasis 325
215 exclusive apartments with modern design to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Estepona is fashionable and it’s a matter of details, and taking care of them which is the secret of Resina Golf to be “trendy”, we invite you to contact us without obligation and get more information about these or other promotions T: +34 952 76 50 45.

Ivar Dahl, Marbella

Ivar Dahl


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