Many an agent will boast about the after-sales service they proudly offer. The standard version in Marbella takes the form of helping the new homeowner to register the property in their name, open accounts at Spanish banks and set up standing orders for the payment of utilities such as electricity, water, gas, local rates and taxes, and any other fixed maintenance costs. Others will also put you in touch with respected builders, architects, technicians, landscapers, interior designers and other professionals should you wish to decorate and/or renovate or expand your new property, as well as providing advice when it comes to the best schools, clinics and other lifestyle issues – however, Ivar Dahl takes the service one step further.

“A client of ours bought a villa in Sierra Blanca,” says Ivar. “He loves the home but found that, as he is in the habit of sleeping with his windows open, the noise from the coastal road was far more disturbing than it should have been at this distance.” The reason was found to be a section of road with very poor surface quality, which when driven over produces loud tyre friction noise. “I immediately contacted the company operating the motorway on the Costa del Sol and lodged a complaint with them, alerting them to the situation regarding a 1.5 kilometre stretch of road. Not only did they respond positively, but within a few weeks the section of highway had been newly asphalted and is both a pleasure to drive on and much less noisy.” He was also told that in 2018 they intend to recover the whole motorway around Marbella, which will improve road safety as well as reducing noise, a great benefit to those living in close proximity to the road.

Not surprisingly, Ivar’s client was over the moon at both his agent’s post-sale service and the results he managed to achieve. The latter is in large part due to Ivar’s more than 40 years on the Costa del Sol, which means that not only does he speak fluent Spanish but also that he knows how things work, who to contact and which approach produces results. “It worked very well and I was pleased to be able to help our client enjoy his new Sierra Blanca villa unreservedly. Moreover, it’s great that the road has been upgraded in the process, so it was a doubly good result.”

With more than 40 years in the business, Ivar Dahl is the agent with the greatest expertise and a prized selection of the best apartments and villas for sale in Sierra Blanca and other top locations in Marbella, so contact us for further information.

Ivar Dahl, Marbella

Ivar Dahl