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Richard Quest (CNN) has made the best article I have seen about Marbella & Costa del Sol.


Quest includes Costa del Sol in “Quest´s world of wonder”. He writes about the history and how it is today on th...

Ivar Dahl - 2021/11/24

Ivar Dahl Real Estate celebrates 50 Years


On November 22, 2018 Ivar Dahl Real estate celebrated 50 Years of real estate activity in Costa del Sol.

Ivar Dahl - 2018/12/21

Real Estate with 50 years of experience

Areas of Marbella, News

IVAR DAHL, Real Estate with 50 years of experience at the Costa del Sol. In all those years of real estate experience...

Ivar Dahl - 2018/09/03

Sleeping in Marbella Golden Mile


The vast majority of the residents of the Golden Mile do not know this history and in which Ivar Dahl added his efort to improve their quality of life, and now, we will tell you how.

Ivar Dahl - 2018/07/02

Marbella is building again


For everything, there is a time and a fashion. This is just as true in architecture as in the rest of life, and we ar...

Ivar Dahl - 2018/02/15

Davis Cup tie to kick off at the Puente Romano Hotel


Marbella is world famous for summer holiday fun – beach, sun, great hotels and a staggering wealth of activities in...

Ivar Dahl - 2018/01/24