Quest includes Costa del Sol in “Quest´s world of wonder”. He writes about the history and how it is today on the coast. His story is also my story.

He writes about the “crack down” in 1971 by Franco of an entertainment area in Torremolinos where Guardia civil arrested 300 persons. The area, Pasaje Begoña, contained some 30 clubs, of all varieties. The street got very popular with tourists and locals.

Franco got afraid it could spread to other areas of the coast, and further. Guardia civil blocked the two entrances of the street and brought everybody, including visitors to the police station!

My office was on neighbour street, calle Cauce.

Count Rudi, Ivar Dahl, Marbella

Today I am pleased to have my office in Boulevard Principe Alfonso Hohenlohe in Marbella, named after the creator of what Marbella is today. Count Rudolf Graf von Schönburg was general manager of the world famous hotel Marbella Club built by Principe Alfonso Hohenlohe.

Everybody should read the article of Richard Quest which shows have great this place is.

Costa del Sol: The hidden side of Europe’s package holiday hotspot

Do not miss the included videos in the article: Spending a day with Marbella Royalty / Finding the next level of Flamenco / Malaga masterpiece.

Hope you like it as I do.


Ivar Dahl, Marbella

Ivar Dahl