A few months ago we made a publication on our website that we thought very important to highlight, in all sectors there are companies that boast a good after sales service and in ours there are many real estate agents and real estate agencies that offer excellent services. We wanted to explain with a real example how we work and in this publication we comment the case of a client after buying a villa in Sierra Blanca with Ivar Dahl Real Estate.

In today’s publication we want to finish a story that the vast majority of the residents of the Golden Mile do not know and in which Ivar Dahl added his efort to improve their quality of life, and now, we will tell you how.

In October of 2017 this client, from whom we will later say the name, since we have his permission to tell this story and its details, bought a villa in Sierra Blanca but … yes, because in these stories there is always a but … and if not It would have been a success story that would not need after sales service. As I was saying, this client likes to sleep with the windows open, so he discovered that the road was heard more than he expected so he told us.

As I was saying at the beginning and due to our approach to satisfy the customers, we decided to try to help this client with his problem and by the way, therefore to the rest of the neighbors in the surrounding areas who would also be affected by the decrease of the noise of the highway A7.

At that time we contacted the company that managed the highway on the Costa del Sol and we filed a complaint alerting them about the situation, as there was a section of 1.5 kilometers of road that had a deficiency.

After three weeks the company Autopista del Sol paved this section, although only in one of the two directions (you can see below in the photography) committing to perform the other direction during 2018 and even the rest of the A7 variant Marbella with the same layer of rolling, and many will say ¿and what is it ?, because it is a special layer of asphalt that would improve the road safety of users and also for its sound-absorbing characteristics, will reduce the levels of acoustic emission produced by the circulation of vehicles.

What will undoubtedly benefit the entire community next to the highway, in that stretch, as Camoján, Sierra Blanca and Nagüeles … the area of ​​the Golden Mile of Marbella that is next to that road, as soon as the rest of the areas near the road.

They undertook to try to recover the entire highway that surrounds Marbella, to offer the best possible conditions of road safety and also reduce noise, a very important benefit for those who live near the road and especially with the wonderful climate of this city in which You can sleep with the windows open for many months a year and not just in summer or enjoy the lifestyle on terraces, porches and pools.

The Autopista del Sol has complied, in a while it stopped raining, and presenting a good time, has already made the rolling layer of the variant.

Now you live with more quality in the area, and you can sleep at night with the windows open much better than before and everything is due to the management of a good after sales service by Ivar Dahl Real Estate.

It is more here we leave you some images with before and after.

Dormir en la Milla de Oro - Ivar Dahl Real Estate

Our client is Mr. D. Armin Karu and thanks to his comment, Ivar Dahl initiated some procedures that Autopista del Sol has carried out to benefit of all the residents of these areas of Marbella.

Here are the words of Mr. D. Armin Karu: “I would like to express my thanks to Mr. Ivar Dahl for the intense and useful attention he has devoted during and after the process of purchasing our property in Marbella. to negotiate with the local and state administrations to solve noise problems on the A7 road in Marbella, he manages it and we are now fully enjoying our stay in our villa, I would certainly recommend Ivar Dahl Real Estate in Marbella”

For us it is a pleasure to help our clients, it is not easy to carry out negotiations in another country, whether it is buying a house or performing other types of procedures, and in Ivar Dahl we know it perfectly, first because we were born in other countries we had to live the same and second, because we have been working in real estate on the Costa del Sol since 1968, which is why we have helped many clients to settle here. We share our professional and personal experience so that other people find it as comfortable as possible, invest or live here so we wish you sweet dreams to those who sleep better today on the Golden Mile for the case of Mr. D. Armin Karu.

Ivar Dahl, Marbella

Ivar Dahl