On November 22, 2018 Ivar Dahl Real estate celebrated 50 Years of real estate activity in Costa del Sol.

The place for the celebration was the Da Bruno a Casa Restaurant, on the Golden Mile of Marbella. The restaurant is adjacent to the local Real Estate Ivar Dahl. To receive all the guests, a tent of 80 m2 was placed, connecting with the real estate premises and 75 guests attended, all in some way connected with the real estate for a long time, many of them between 15 and 40 years old.

There were professionals such as architects, lawyers, banking, tax advisors, after-sales, promoters, investors and buyers.

Between the guests were Juan de Orbaneja and his wife Elena Gómez-Jordana / Condesa. Juan Orbaneja has been the promoter of the Calahonda urbanization, one of the most important in Mijas-Costa, an urbanization that has a port for recreational boats such as Puerto de Cabopino.

Together they have created Amsudan, an aid organization in Sudan where more than 10,000 children have attended school. Juan and Elena also gave me a book about Sudan, with the following dedication:

“For Ivar Dahl for his 50 years collaborating to make a Costa del Sol bigger, With all affection Juan de Orbaneja”

The architects Eduardo Orias and son with their wives, creator of the Port of Benalmádena, a port with 4 islands. The architect Cristian Larrain, great architect of contemporary villas. The notary Margus Veskimae of Tallinn who came only from his country for this occasion. Steen Hastrup-Stilling and his wife Lisa came from Competa. Marko Tuomola and his wife Maria, Liisa Lipsanen and Kari and Heli Viitanen from Finland. Tomas Graham and José Carlos of Nvoga, and of the company Lainer came Antonio and Virginia.

The Holland Flowers florist had decorated the place with decorative flowers.

GianCarlo and Alexandra owners of the DaBruno Restaurant were present all the time, with their best waiters. They served a good champagne and an excellent wine, hot tapas of great variety, there was a person who exclusively served “Jamon de Pata Negra” highest quality of ham. During the event there was music by Ricartdo’s saxophone.

Ivar Dahl received the guests with these words:

Dear friends, I am very happy that you are all here today, to celebrate together my 50 years as a real estate agent in Costa del Sol.

Each of you have played an important part of my journey.

I came to choose Costa del Sol to live When I was 25 years old. I started in Torremolinos in 1968 at the agency La Galería on the main square Plaza Costa del Sol.

After a few years ago I set up my own agency, with the help of my friend Alberto Guzmán as an official agent.

The most outstanding sales were in the luxurious complex Playamar, of 21 blocks of 15 floors each, almost 1,000 homes, one of the architects was Jean Paul Bauval, the apartments were sold as investment in hotel operation to people from Asia, South America, U.S. When finishing the hotel operation, many of them wanted to sell their apartment. They contacted the administration office in Amsterdam, to recommend a trusted agency.

I had the privilege of finishing as the only recommended.

I sold a large number of apartments, mostly to Danes, in collaboration with the CBL agency in Denmark, with the same agency we were pioneers in selling farms and houses in the towns of Competa, Frigiliana and Sayalonga. Today in this event Steen Hastrup-Stilling and his wife Lisa who were part of CBL They live since 35 years in Competa, where a Danish colony has been created.

I was a partner in the first company set up to sell apartments and premises in Puerto Benalmádena. A star project by the architect Eduardo Orias.

I made a sale to the largest Finnish construction company YIT, a purchase of land to FERROVIAL in urb. Torrequebrada, Benalmadena, to build 1,000 homes.

In 1984 I opened a real estate agency in Calahonda, a large urbanization created by Juan de Orbaneja.

I made a contract of selling/partnership of land in Calahonda to another great Finnish company PUOLIMATKA, to build 1,000 apartments.

With one of the plots for 51 apartments, did a problem arise. They planned to make a highway just at the foot of the block, without a tunnel.

I started a protest that lasted more than a year. Between all did we manage that a false tunnel was built. Today do we have a tunnel, with a playground above, and a dog area.

I was lucky to find my wife in Calahonda, she came to take care of Puolimatka’s sales. We got married in 1993, and in 1994 our daughter Ivana was born.

Ivana studied at the prestigious Aloha school, thanks to her studies in this center she got to have the world of universities open anywhere.

She went to Universities in London, and Holland, and a year at George Town University in Washington DC, doing her Master in Law. Today she works at Clifford Chance in London as a lawyer.

I opened my actual sales office on Golden Mile, Marbella in 1996.

Here is with us are guest who have bought houses for their new home in Marbella or for holiday use, they have trusted me, even in two generations to find the right home, thank you very much.

I am very grateful as these past 50 years, I hope there are many more, and to be able to keep in touch with all of you.

Thank you very much again for coming and enjoy this evening.

En este enlace os dejamos un pequeño resumen de las fotos de la celebración https://bit.ly/2L9vW2k

Y a continuación recuerdos de estos 50 años…

As an additional note, here is the article that SUR wrote in English about our celebration.

For us it has been very important to share it with you, very recently we decided to write a post about our 50 years of real estate experience on the Costa del Sol and today we have told you how the Ivar Dahl Real Estate celebration was.

Ivar Dahl, Marbella

Ivar Dahl