For everything, there is a time and a fashion. This is just as true in architecture as in the rest of life, and we are currently seeing an exciting wave of new construction on the Costa del Sol. Designers are competing to improve living spaces, with new apartments and villas coming on to the market with an emphasis on style, innovation in materials, energy efficiency and more than anything on providing quality of life.

Gone are the days of imposing rows of apartment blocks; the modern tendency is to build in smaller blocks with fewer units, which results in a pleasant community feel. Facilities and amenities featured within these complexes are more luxurious too, offering beautifully landscaped gardens and on-site fitness areas with gyms and saunas becoming more common.

With new technology available to maintain a pleasant internal temperature as well as environmental improvements that lower energy costs, we are seeing a definite trend in blurring the line between inside and out, with floor-to-ceiling windows making a feature of panoramic views. Engineering advances also mean that large windows slide open to bring the outside in, including doors disappearing into walls for the full open-air effect.

There is currently a great choice of apartment complexes in construction all along the Costa del Sol, from Mijas Costa in the east, through Marbella and west to Estepona, and as well as being designed along new lines, they have another factor in common: almost all are sold out before construction has finished.

Buyers are returning after the slow-down of the preceding years as today’s market is very different from that of the ‘boom’ fifteen years ago, with financially strong promotors who have experience of building on the coast obliged by law to guarantee construction, via bank guarantees or full insurance coverage. Buyers can therefore enter into a purchase agreement with the peace of mind that their investment will be protected, and in the unlikely event that the construction isn’t completed, they will receive their money back plus interest.

Now is a great time to buy a brand new property, and at Ivar Dahl we have a selection of some of the best projects available on the Costa del Sol at the moment. Please contact us for more information.

Ivar Dahl, Marbella

Ivar Dahl